As the importance and flex-ability of hiring digital marketing agencies grows there can often be a divide in the communication and strategy between the different marketing agencies that are working on your business. It is critical that Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) and Objectives and Key Results (OKR's) be set for each agency and are reported on weekly. Most importantly, these metrics must be focused around key growth goals in both traffic and revenue. Having this working strategy that is agreed upon by the agencies and your internal team and executives is critical to the growth of your business moving forward.


For growth firms with a minimum of 3 million in annual revenue, Dr. Dave has provided the opportunity to hire him as your 'interim marketing strategist' to work directly with your marketing agencies and internal teams. There are two steps to this process:


1. Marketing Audit

Dr. Dave will perform a strategic audit with the leaders of each of your digital teams as well as a meeting with your CEO and key decision makers. Once this is complete he will create recommendations moving forward for hiring/firing, Top 5 KPI's for each agency, and an overall strategy recommendation based on the goals set forth by your CEO and key decision makers.


2. Strategic Planning and Execution

Once this strategy recommendation is agreed upon, Dr. Dave will work with your teams to create their own OKR's and KPI's which are critical for growth through website sales, SEO, facebook ads, instagram ads, google ad words, social media posting strategy, influencer promotional posting, and email nurturing and email sales funnels. 


The companies marketing goals are achieved through a merit based operation that is based on a achievable metrics set by the team itself. 


3 - 12 months depending on the size of the operation

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