The Digital Architect's

How much more could YOU expand business in 2019 by surrounding yourself with the top leaders in natural health and digital marketing?

 **This mastermind is invite-only and all members will be thoroughly vetted prior to acceptance. 

Stay on top of digital marketing trends

Grow your organic reach exponentially

Get the highest possible sales conversions

Tap into Dr. Dave's Agency and Professional Network


There are three billion searches on Google a day. One billion active users on Facebook and Instagram. 2.8 billion video views on Youtube every day.


Hundreds of millions of dollars are made every day online.

I get it Dave, there is a huge opportunity, but isn't it near impossible to keep up with it all?

LOL, YUP. Facebook, Instagram, Google, and Sales Funnels change their algorithms about as often as you change a babies diaper -- too often and almost without notice. If you are like me, you probably ask yourself questions like:













If the answer is YES, you are asking the right questions. The bad news is, unless you live and breathe social media and digital marketing, it is almost impossible to find the answers and keep up.

Missing a Facebook ads update can lead to thousands of dollars in wasted ad spend, and missing an Instagram trend can lead to thousands of lost organic reach and viral-ability. You get the's these factors that make the good digital influencers, great.

What are the most current, highest converting sales funnel designs?

What should I focus on first/prioritize each quarter?

How do I give my brand a unique voice and make it stand out?

How to I grow and nurture my email list?

How often should I post? How long should my Facebook lives be?

​How should I structure my blog articles for SEO?

​What are the images that will attract my audiences attention? How do I get them?

What are my missed opportunities/areas I could improve my strategy in?

​What content/topics are trending right now?

​Which agency should I use to build and manage my social media/design my sales funnels?

​How do I find an audience that will buy from me?

What’s the best strategy for running Facebooks ads/boosted posts?

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That is why I created my inner circle. 

I built my inner circle to work with CEO's who want to stay on the cutting edge of digital marketing trends and strategies.


We will address what's working, and even more importantly, what's not working online right now. My network consists of top You-tubers, Instagram Influencers, Online Health and Wellness Doctors, Online Coaches, and Facebook Marketers, all with the sole intention of staying on the cutting edge in digital marketing.


1. Must be currently growing a virtual/social media marketed business.

2. Individuals who are humble, hungry, and smart. No know it alls.


3. Value Givers. Willing to contribute to the collective knowledge of the group.

4. Action Takers. We will keep you accountable.

5. Willing to commit 3 hours each month to engage in conversation with the INNER CIRCLE.


A clear roadmap + the connections you need to make it happen.


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  • 90-minute group strategy video calls

  • One-on-one call with Dr. Dave

  • One-on-one call with Rebecca 

  • VIP on Dr. Dave's email & personal cell number

  • Custom social media strategy

  • Access to Dr. Dave's network


  • Access to all agency contacts

  • Access to my network

  • Access to all of the highest    converting launch funnels

  • Access to all email swipe copy

  • Custom social media strategy

  • FB ads audit by HHM

  • All access to Practitioners SM course

  • Access to my Recording Studio/Team (Additional Cost)

  • Quarterly In-Person Mastermind (Additional Cost)

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This is not an environment for those looking for the easiest way to make a quick buck online.


We won’t be holding your hand, but we also won’t be holding anything back to give you the latest and greatest online trends and strategies.


Sessions are led by myself and my co-strategist, Rebecca Moreland, world-class brand consultant and copywriter who has worked with high profile clients including Dave Ramsey, Doterra, and Dr. Axe. 


In addition to working directly with me and my team on your strategy, you'll also benefit from guest contributors including: 

  • Andrew East, Instagram Marketing Expert, Currently earning over 3M annually through social media

  • Josh Axe, #1 Natural Health Website in the world and co-founder of Ancient Nutrition, valued at over $500M

  • Caleb Hodges - Chief Facebook Ads Strategist at Holistic Health Media -over $7M in profits on funnels

  • Dan Sullivan - Digital Health Programs Expert - $500K+ annually in program and product sales

  • James Swannick - Amazon Sales Strategist - Over $3M in amazon sales to health target audience

  • Naomi Whittle - TV Sales Expert and Health Based CEO - Multiple Dr. Oz appearances and a regular host of QVC

  • Jordan Rubin - Formulation Expert - Founder of Garden of Life and co-founder of Ancient Nutrition

  • Elena Zuban - Enterprise Health-Based Facebook Ad’s Strategist managing over $700K/mo of ad spend

I have found that often times I am just one connection away from exponential growth in different areas of my business. The #1 benefit I can provide you is my network.



The cost of the mastermind is $2500/mo with a minimum 3 month commitment. Afterwards the agreement is month to month. We anticipate members will stay for a minimum of one year. To keep the integrity of the group, I have created a short interview to determine if we are a good fit for each other. Please click the link below, answer the 5 questions, and schedule a time to meet with me for 15 minutes. 

Just a few of the brands represented in the INNER CIRCLE...

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